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Colormized Zwagon - Custom Color Car Kit

by Syncplay

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Production Period: 7days

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  • Material PLA
  • Printer ultimaker 2


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Colormized Zwagon - Custom Color Car Kit


They say that the 3D printer can print complex shapes and even print in multiple colors.

Of course they can! IF... you own a printer worth hundreds and thousands of dollars. But with most home or office owned printers? You can just print in one color and with limited complexity in shape.

If you want to print multiple colors, you could but you would have to part take in the hassle of changing filaments and or gluing the pieces together.


(image from )

Synckyplay being a creative design team, decided to embrace these difficulties. Despite the limitations of the conventional home printer, great products can still be made.

So for this project, Synplay designed a customizable car toy where each owner can choose their own colors and create their own car.



Colormize your car parts with your favorite colors.

You can own your ideal car in the palm of your hand. Literally.



Are you tired with only a limited number of colors to choose from?

You can forget other kits like that, that tell you to create even though the design is already finished. That is building and not creating!

To order your own design, choose the Custom option from the order menu.

**Then don't forget to message us the parts and colors you want! If you choose Basic, random colors will be sent.


These are the parts or the car. Check the A Color Set and B Color Set to choose corresponding colors.


A Color Set

1. Shiny Silver

2. Intense Green

3. Standard White

4.Chocolate Brown

5. Lila

6. Ultra Marine Blue

7. Standard Black

8. Leaf Green

9. Dutch Orange

10. Blue Grey

11. Sky Blue

12. Traffic Red

13. Light Brown

14. Pale Gold


B Color Set

15. Red Transparent

16. Yellow Transparent

This is the size of the Colormized Zwagon.

Each order is shipped after it has been assembled.

A product's rough surface is normal for 3D printed products.


Let’s sync and play!


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