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Snowpeak Hozuki Custom Shades

by Ratcorn.fab

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Production Period: 5days

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  • Material ABS, PLA
  • Printer atom 2.0


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Hozuki is a lovely LED candle lantern by Snowpeak( You’re able to replace our custom shade instead of using hozuki’s original silicon shade. Make your own unique mood with a custom shaded hozuki!

'Pumpkie' Halloween Shade for Snowpeak Hozuki (ES-010R / ES-070(WH, GR, BR))
‘Pumpkie’ is a special custom shade for halloween season. 


'Mini Pumpkie' Halloween Shade for Snowpeak Mini Hozuki (ES-040)
Also ‘Mini Pumpkie’ for mini hozuki is available.


'Mini Pleats' Modern Shade for Snowpeak Hozuki (ES-040)

'Pleats' Modern Shade for Snowpeak Hozuki (ES-010R / ES-070(WH, GR, BR))


'Lowpoly' Modern Shade for Snowpeak Hozuki (ES-010R /ES-070(WH, GR, BR))


'Mini Lowpoly' Modern Shade for Snowpeak Mini Hozuki (ES-040)

'Mini Screw' Glow Shade for Snowpeak Mini Hozuki (ES-040)
Screw shaped custom shade, which is made of night glow fillament.


‘Package & Shipping'

We provide very careful packaging for the shade. You’ll also get some logo stickers in the box. International Shipping is available, but you need to pay the extra shipping cost.

How to Assemble

‘100% Prints & Handcraft'

Our custom shade is 100% 3D Printed piece that takes about 3~8 hours, after that we have cutting, finishing and polishing work that takes several hours. We do our best to get fine quality of pieces for you!



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