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Valve Trio

by Joylife

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Production Period: 4days

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  • Material PLA
  • Printer N/A


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밸브하면 생각나는게 있으신가요?

저도 밸브를 만들면서 생각나는건 오직 스팀으로 유명한 밸브社 하나였어요

What comes to your mind when you hear the word, valve?

For me, it was Valve Corporation. 

And that was the only thing I was thinking while I was undertaking this Valve Trio project.


사람 뒤통수와 눈에 밸브를 박아 넣은 이 충격적인 일러스트는 밸브게임을 시작하면

어김없이 나타나 당시 중학생인 저의 머릿속에 깊게 각인 되었죠

약간 무섭기도 하지만 이 밸브를 보면 드는 생각은 하나.

'돌려보고 싶다...'

그 생각은 지금도 변함없습니다

The shocking illustration of a man who has a valve embedded in his eye or in the

back of the head which used to appear with the launch of one of games of Valve

Corporation was deeply imprinted in my mind.

It’s little bit scary but each time I saw those valves, I thought of only one thing,

turning the valves on.

"Well, I admit I still do."

지금은 스팀게임을 해도 예전처럼 저 밸브 일러스트는 나타나지 않죠 하지만

아직 제 안에는 그때 그 밸브를 돌리고 싶은 욕망이 깊숙히 자리잡았고

Nowadays I cannot see that illustration anymore even when I play games on


However, I’ve been keeping my desire to turn those valves on.


거기에 산이 있기에 산을 올랐던 그분들처럼

3D프린터기가 있었기에 저는 밸브를 만들 수 밖에 없었습니다

Yeah. I couldn’t help but 3D print valves because a 3D printer was there.

(Just like George Mallory said “Because it is there.”)


사진처럼 밸브 트리오는 레드밸브, 빅 밸브, 가스밸브 로 구성되었습니다

Valve Trio is composed of Red Valve, Big Valve and Gas Valve as you see.

바닥부분에는 동그란 자석을 달아 자성을 이용하여 벽이나 물건에 부착이 가능하며

Each valve has a round magnet in the bottom of it in order to be stuck to

anything metal


볼트와 너트, 와셔를 이용해 실제 밸브구조와 같이 만들었기 때문에

And these valves are able to be opened or closed for real because they are modeled after the structure of actual valves which contain bolts, nuts and washers thing.   



실제로 모두 돌아가는 진짜 밸브들 입니다

움직이지 않는 밸브들은 만들 이유가 없죠

Come on. We don’t have any space Left 4 Dead Valve. (Ok. I’m a big fat nerd.)


사실 쓰임새를 말하자면 그저 냉장고에 붙여 메모지나 붙일 수 있는 정도로 보일 수

있을지 모르나 공간의 곳곳을 세밀하게 꾸며줄 장식품이라고 생각합니다

분명 이런 작은 소품이 필요하신 분들이 있겠죠?

그런분들에게 요긴하게 쓰이길 바랍니다

Maybe there are some people who think these valves are useless pieces of magnet

that can hold only ordinary memo on the fridge saying,

“I’ll be home around 7 p.m. honey.”

But I believe there are others who can value my creations from the bottom of

their heart.


또 재미있는 상품으로 돌아오겠습니다


And for them, I’ll be back soon with my next projects.

Thank you guys.   


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