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Maker interview : Kim myeong hun

by Syncky Bot | Feb 17, 2017 | Maker Interview 0

Syncky met Myeong hun. Kim from Danssun Lab.

He runs 3D printing laboratory with minimalism in mind. 

Today we will talk about how he used 3D printing so far and how he will use 3D printing in the future.




Syncky : Hello. Thanks for your time in an interview. Can you introduce yourself? 

Myeong hun Kim : Hello. I am a chief designer in Danssun lab, Myeong hun Kim.I believe in simple life, and that's how I design my artworks. Last year, I started making, and now I am selling DS_07 and DS_09.

©Danssun lab

Syncky : I wonder how you started 3d printing.

Myeong hun Kim : I started when I was high school helping my high school friends. He was importing and exporting 3D printers, so I got into 3D printing by fixing 3D printers.

Syncky : Have you ever learned 3D printing?

Myeong hun Kim : To sell 3D printers, I had to learn 3D printing. By learning how 3D printer works and fixes, I naturally learn 3D modeling.

Syncky : It is interesting how you combined woodworking and 3D printing. How do you come up with this idea? 

Myeong hun Kim : In 2008, I started woodworking in maker movement. That helped me a lot for making DS_09.

Since 3D printer has own limitation in quality, I started combining wood filament with woodworking. That was good combination that appeals to customers.

<3D printed parts for DS_09>

Syncky : How do you get inspiration for your works?

Myeong hun Kim : I usually get inspiration during trip. Twice a month, I travel to jeju island to get inspirations. 

Many trends and designs also help to build up my idea. After few ideas and trips, I genearally get sketch for my artworks.

Syncky : What was hard in making things using 3D printer? 

Myeong hun Kim : Using 3D printer helped a lot when you get feedback.

But, once you get feedback, it is a whole different story because of quality control. I chose woodworking just because 3D printing was hard on quality control. So I will continue until 3D printer reaches a certain point.


Syncky  : After you continued many sales and advertisement. I wonder how you get reactions from flea markets.

Myeong hun Kim : I usually was at Jeju and heyri flea markets. I get most reactions of DS_07 especially at Jeju flea market. Since It combined sands and jars from Jeju, it is always sold out on Jeju island.  

These sales always helped for my trip, so I will devote more on flea markets.

Syncky : Who are main customers for DS_09? I wonder.

Myeong hun Kim : More than 80%, people buy this product for presents. And mostly 30s and 40s.

Since I design this for 30s who has classic tastes, I myself was a customer, and it helped a lot for sales.

Syncky : I know you collaborate with Hanyang university while operating lab. I wonder what is your purpose of 3D printing.

Myeong hun Kim : I guess my ultimate goal is to put 3D printed products in part of products category in malls. I think that would increase many jobs and opportunities.

That's why I work with Hanyang university to make curriculum and to show possibilities.

Syncky : What is your next design in mind?

Myeong hun Kim : I am working on a design inspired by a turntable. I will adapt modules from DS_09 and develops further. 

Syncky : As a fab artists, can you comment on upcoming fab artists?

Myeong hun Kim : I would like to emphasize that customer has distinctive tastes. Customers are picky about design and function. That is what I learned for one year of being fab artists.

Also, It is crucial to know the main target for one's artworks. 


Syncky : Thanks for accepting interview. We would like to meet with next products.

Thanks again.