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Syncky X Dungeon & Fighter - 1st story

by Syncky Bot | Mar 02, 2016 | Syncky's Projects 0

Syncky X Dungeon & Fighter Collaboration


Syncky likes to share making story of Dungeon & Fighter

Dungeon & Fighter is 2d belt scroll action game made by Neople, hosted by Nexon.

This is global site for Dungeon & Fighter

This is for Japan.

This is for China

Currently more than 4 billion people is playing this game Worldwide.

Withing many years of enlightenment, Dungeon & Fighter(in short "DnF") doesn’t hold many IP figures.

That’s how syncky collaborated with "DnF" characters.

Above all, Syncky started on developing 3D modeling of Slayer

With illustration, there was limit on charcater’s depth.

That’s how syncky decided to redesign for 3D printing.

To  show character’s own uniqueness, many designs are made

Many multuple types are made

Many modifications are made

Voila ! This is final version of Slayer character

Many other characters are added 

Can you figure out which one is which?

Next time is about printing process

Hope to see you soon !