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Syncky X Dungeon & Fighter - 2nd story

by Syncky Bot | Mar 17, 2016 | Syncky's Projects 0

Syncky X Dungeon & Fighter Collaboration

This is 2nd Story

If you didn't catch up 1st story

 → [Go to making story]

This is how 3D printing works.

When powder layer up, ink spayed as a layer.

Each layer piles up then makes shape.

This is an example how slayer layers up.

After printing, this is fragile state. So you need to take out carefully

After take out, powder has to be wiped out carefully

Bonding is crucial phase that hardens the shape and makes color alive.

After bonding, characters are ready to dry in sunlight.

Each cahracters’ props are added to address more characteristic.

To add DIY feature, Characters and monsters are made into square tiles

So that tIles can be arranged into diorama.

Umtara is designed as the slayer character.

Dnf is not possible without Goblin.

These are tiles for monsters and props.

Now you can arrange tiles as you want.

Tiles can arranged as you want

This is how Dnf figures are made.

Hope this helped to understand 3D printing.

For next story is about how Dnf figures are exhibited

Hope to see you next time!