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Syncky X Dungeon & Fighter - 3rd story

by Syncky Bot | Mar 31, 2016 | Syncky's Projects 0

Syncky X Dungeon & Fighter Collaboration

This is 3rd Story

If you didn't catch up 2nd story

→ [Go to printingstory]

This is how figure got exhibited between events



Action Tournament

Action tournament by Dnf and Cyphers held for two month from Oct 4th at

Nexon Arena.

Figures are exhibited at the entrace of the site also at the broadcasting desk.

Figures at entrace of action tournament

(Dark shadow gave more presence at the site)

Figures at broadcasting desk.

Cyphers figures are added for broadcasting.

Cyphers figure are added in pixel shape

To give distinction with Dnf figures, proportions are different

Cyphers character were in diorama at broadcasting desk



G-star 2015

Dnf Diorama are exhibited at G-star goods shop from Nov 12 th to 15th.

Dioramas are exhibited in 4 different Set

First set was in battle mode

Second set was in chess mode

Third set was in gamble mode

Forth set was in soccer mode



2015 Dungeon & Fighter Festival

Final of 2015 season 2 action tournament, F1 World championship, Dnf festival held at Korea unviersity from Dec 5th to 6th.

There was a event for lottery to hand Dnf diorama to game users.

K-pop group twice did this loottery to hand Dnf diorama.

Dnf dioramas were arranged as fifteen different tiles with three characters.

This is how preparation done.

Figures are arranged and ready to ship

Figures are sealed with pe foam.


F1 World Championship

As a Dnf festival event Seria and Danjin was delivered to global Dnf gamers who

played at F1 world championship.

Dnf players were happy with figures

Seria’s room and lock inspired on design.

Each character get representation by color and job.

This is it for 3rd story of Syncky X Dungeon & Fighter Collaboration

Hope to see you soon with upcoming collaboration !