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Cyphers figure making

by Syncky Bot | Nov 30, 2016 | Syncky's Projects 0


Today Syncky like to show the making process of “Cyphers figure”.


[저작자] cyphers




Cyphers is neople’s well known online TPS(Third person shooting) game.


[저작자] cyphers




From launching, Cyphers gained many users because of dynamic interface.

Syncky started making “cyphers figure” two month ago licensed under neople.

After two months of making, syncky started selling figure at “Cyphers handay”.


This is to show 3d printing process of figure.


Figure making process is starting from Design - Printing - Putting out figure - Air brushing - Detailing - Hardening (bonding) to Drying.

This process lot involved with hand crafting as you can see below.


Hope you can understand the process of 3D printing figure.



Since syncky is licensed under neople, Syncky could get cyphers original modeling.

This process is for making original modeling to adequate for 3D printing.



After modeling, there are test printing to find suitable shape and color.

Original modeling is adjusted onto game, so figure modeling is needed for 3D printing.

After this, there are test printing and modeling editing followed by figure modeling.



After test printing, there are detailed modeling of breakable parts.

There can have some modifications on skin tone, contrasts, and brightness.



After detailed modeling, texture of clothes can be modified by zbrush.

This is process of making low polygon to high polygon to make it more figure-like.



As clothes textures, hair can be more rounded and detailed.



After detailed modeling, printing is ready to begin.(Fingers crossed~~)



Printing is done by CJP(Color Jet Printing) printer.

Figure made by layering sandstone with color binder. This color binder makes layer stick together.



After printing, sandstone is layered to position figures. These Sandstone is inhaled into printer for next printing.



Figures are breakable before bonding so they needs to be careful when moving.



Powder needs to be dusted on the surface of figure,

With airbrush, surface of figure needs to be dusted fully for figure perfection.



Surface is well cleaned now. Still the color is not vibrant, and surface is rigid.



After dusting sandstone, Rigid surface needs to be corrected.

* Rigid surface can degrade the value of figure, so it has to be corrected by knife or sharpen tools.



Printed figure is now ready to bond. After bonding, figure becomes more vivid, and hardens. After 10 minutes of bonding, figure becomes adequate as a product.



After bonding, figure set dry in shades.

It usually takes two or three hours, but it can take more depending on season and temperature.


Making figure with 3D printing might look easy, but each process needs lot of time and effort to get desired quality,


A cycle of process took almost five hours for printing a figure.

Sometimes, few ones are broken during process.



After making is done, figure packaged in a box with aircap.

On the box, there are character sticker, caution sticker, and hologram sticker(neolpe license) to verify licensed figure.


How do you feel about making process of 3D printing figure?


Figure looks incomplete and undetailed comapred to figure in market.

Though, There are many efforts to make complete it as a figure.

And Syncky wishes this efforts were not useless.