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About Syncky

  • What is Syncky?

    Syncky is a platform that supports the movement of 3D printed creations. Syncky wants to support fellow makers and hobbyist of 3D printing.

  • How can I sell on Syncky?

    You can contac through


  • Can I change my username?

    Unfortunately, you are unable to change your username so make sure to choose carefully when you sign up!

  • Can I change account email address?

    Yup! Just go to [My Account - Settings]. You can change your account email. However, you will have to verify the adress so don't forget to check your inbox!

  • Can I delete my account?

    At [My account], you can delete your account.

  • Where can I check my messages?

    Check your conversations with makers and Syncky at [My Account - Messages].

  • Where can I find help for technical issues?

    You can ask for support through the [Support] at our footer.

  • What are badges for?

    Badges show your activity or characteristics regarding your liveliness on Syncky. You can choose up to 3 badges to show on your profile.

  • Why is my country not on the list when I want to sign up on Syncky?

    If your country is not on the list, contact us through the [Support] at out footer.


  • How can i check my order?

    You can check at [My account - My orders] to members.If you are not registered, you can contact through mail.

  • How can i confirm my order?

    After you get the order, you need to confirm your order. To confirm your order, you need to write a review at [My account - My order]. If you don't wrtie your review, store needs wait two weeks to get fund.

  • How can i use promotion code?

    You can type your promotion code when checkout.You can make over promtion code to someone else. Promtion code is limited to certain product and time.

  • Why is shipping not available to my country?

    The store may choose certain locations available for shipping. You can still ask the store if one can make it available for you. Message the store using the 'Ask a Question' button on the project detail page.

  • What do I do when I am interested in a sold out project?

    You can still view sold out items on Syncky. Message the store using the 'Ask a Question' button on the project detail page.

  • Where can I report a project or a store?

    You can report the project or store by pushing "Let us know".


  • Who is shipping my orders?

    Syncky is an open marketplace where users can freely buy and sell. Thus, each maker is responsible for their own inventory and shipping. If you have any issues regarding shipping, contact the maker directly through [My Account - My Orders - 'Send a Message'].

  • What do I do when I didn't receive my order?

    First of all, check the status of your order on [My Account - My Orders] and see if the maker has shipped your product. If it has already been shipped, contact the maker to check with the shipping company. Depending on the mailing service and your location, orders may take up to a few weeks to reach you.

  • Where can I add an address for shipping?

    You are able to add multiple addresses and also set a default address. Go to [My Account - Setting - Address].

  • How is the combined shipping process?

    Combined shipping varies depending on store.


  • Can I cancel an order?

    Keep in mind that once the product is in production, you will not be able to cancel the order. You must check with the store about refunds and cancellations.


  • What do I do when I received my order or but it was damaged?

    Contact the store to let one know that your order was damaged. We advise you to attach a picture when you message the store. The damage may be due to poor packaging or rough handling by the mailing service. The store may authorize a refund or ship a new product.