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3D printed business card

[DD POP] Business cards is not flat anymore to fab artists.

Oct 12, 2016

'Sync lab day' is for any maker who is reckless and courageous enough to try new digital fabrications. It is a festival for makers where can share ideas and techniques.


Makers can group a team depending on their ideas. After that, a team can do sketching, model making, slicing, and printing. It took place for a day, so at the end of day, we had a review with a reward(dinner coupon!).


First theme for 'sync day' was a "business card". Makers dedicate their ideas to make flat "business card" to something new.


Today, syncky like to introduce one of the finest of many creations, 'DD POP'.



This is First 'Sync lab day' poster. Seven makers gathered at September 9th of 2016.




This is a rough sketch of 'DDPOP'. 'DD POP' is a nickname for one of our maker.
Through illsuion, this shows as DD in one direction and pop on the other.




This is a maker looking for references. He tries to hide his sources.




There are many inspirations for illusion from 'Michael Asher' to 'Georges Rousse'. At 2014, Apple showed illusion at special event for apple watch. "OK GO", a band from chicago,  premiered "The writing's on the wall" with enormous views on youtube.




This is "Apple-perspective", a footage for apple special event at september, 2014.




'DD POP' is made by 123D, a design software by autodesk. This software gives elementary level interface that anyone can try modeling. Also it is free.



Maker used Simplify  3D to make stl file. Depending on printer's speed and layer height, this software controls other factor for adequate printing. This model needs adequate support because there is hole between letters. You can see the Simplify 3D settings below.


*Support : This is a way of printing that makes structure between holes not to collapse.







After making GCODE, it is crucial to glue on 3D printing bed. Gluing is crucial to stick  first  layer of printing on 3D printer bed. When gcode is ready, printer hits xyz end stop censor and starts printing from center. It is a time to wait after skirt is printed.


*Skirt : This is a first layer of filament that sticks model to printing bed.





From time to time, one have to notice printing quality. You have to check the layer regularity, retraction, and support of the printing.




After two hours of printing, it is time to take out support and trim the unnecessary parts.





All the detail information goes on the side of work.







DD POP mainly interested in modern art and post modernism. He is using 3D printer as tool for making flat graphic to dimensional art piece.






This work made with this series of software and hardware.