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3D Signage

[Fire Extinguisher in 3D] It is hard to find sign for fire extinguisher. Why don't we make eye catching sign for fire extinguisher.

Oct 12, 2016

Again, this is second 'sync lab day'

'Sync lab day' is for digital fab artists who is courageous, and adventurious enough to make new things.

Sync lab day is for any fab artists who is open to new types of digital fabrications.

Yet, only number of fab artists are in sync.

However, Syncky desires to work with more fab artists in near future.

Second 'Sync lab day' is about "Signage/Signpost". This is not an easy issue since sign is a symbol based on promise. That's why syncky chose to challenge this.

This post is one of finest between '3D signage', which is done by "Bluesmith + Ratcorn".


Second 'sync lab day' happened at September 26th of 2016 about '3D signage'


"Wherever, however...," It is hard to notice fire extinguisher daily space. That's the reason "Bluesmith + Ratcorn(Bluecorn from below)" chose to make sign for fire extinguisher.


Luckily, it's hard to miss fire extinguisher at syncky's office. But how about your office?


'Bluecorn' referenced slovenian based artist 'Crtomir Just. (

This artist made concept of 'Dimensional Surreality' in his artworks. Usual fire extinguisher signager focused only on visual perception. 'Bluecorn' rather focused on expression by giving surreal image on signage.


Similarly, 'Design Methods' from South Korea made dimensional room sign at 'Small house big door', a hotel. This was an attempt to make room sign more visible in any direction. (



'Bluecorn' team made mini version of fire extinguisher as itself to symbolize sign. Also expressed smoke out from fire extinguisher to show surreal presence.

Modeling is done by Rhino 3D.



Every parts in different color made in 0.1 ~ 0.2 gap to assemble. Every parts made into stl file and made into gcode by simplify 3D. In simplify 3D, you can see simulation video to check unplanned mistakes.

*Gap to assemble : To assemble, it is better to have a gap between two parts.



Printing is done by Atom 2 delta printer. Also it is printed by color fabb, a refined filament from Netherland. 'Bluecorn' used 'traffic red' as base color, but decided to add spray on surface.

*delta printer : Compared to orthogonal shaft type, XYZ shaft type printer is affordable and faster in 3D printing.




Before spraying on surface, first, you need to add primer to give accurate color on surface.


This is the color 'Bluecorn' wanted !


Each parts assembled with care. 'Bluecorn' added fire extinguisher in Korean language on the body.


At last, 'Bluecorn' complete surreal, eye catching fire extinguisher as they intended.



'Bluesmith and Ratcorn is makers work at syncky. Bluesmith is known for 'Moai'. 'Ratcorn' is known for 'Hozuki custom shades'.






This work is made by this series of hardware and software.