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Infinity mirror!

[Blue smith] Experiments with a one way mirror!

Nov 08, 2016


This is not yet third 'Sync lab day' but labs comes with a laboratory work.


'Sync lab day' is for any maker who is reckless and courageous enough to try new digital fabrications. We try something challenging, 'infinity mirror’.



Some might don't know what infinity mirror is.


When we see two mirrors at elevator on both side, you will see endless reflections. That is how infinity mirror works.



Infinity mirror is different because there is usual mirror and one way mirror.


To help you understand, you can think of interrogation room in movie or drama.



From outside of interrogation room, you can see the inside. But it's not possible from inside of interrogation room.


This feature made infinity mirror to infinite reflections on one side. You can see how to make infinity mirror from this video.



By using this idea, I made pyramid with endless entrance.


The entrance was dark, but the torch revealed inside. From outside you can see infinite end.



Every parts are designed to assemble.


Since, this work used many led, I had to consider problems related to wires.



This led to bigger sizes, but I chose to go big because it can be a mirror without the light.


You can look through the parts you need down below.




I used pyramid like color to avoid finishing and painting.


Just by printing all the parts, it took 30 hours with 20 different parts.




To make infinty mirror possible, you need to layer mirror, led, and one way mirror from back.



Led was yellow light-emitting diode, wires are connected from inside of pyramid.



To make it easire, you better ask help from exprets.



To make swith more authentic, I used sphinx file from thingiverse.





At last!


You can see the final results. Can you see the endless torch inside? The results can vary depending on the transparencies on one way mirror.



As you can see, it is a mirror withour torch on. Hope you can remix with this file with better idea.


You can download from below.


Hope to see you soon with more daring works !





Bluesmith is a maker who is at syncky and instagram( His early works ‘MOJO POT' is on sale at syncky.







This work used the software and hardware below.