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Terms of Use

Before the Use of Services on the Website

This term is for utilizing e-commerce-related services (refered as "Service" below) provided through Syncky(refered as "Company" below). This term is for the purpose of setting the rights, obligations and responsibilities of companies and users.


  • "Company" means syncky which trade goods,information and communication equipment("goods").
  • "Users" means the members and non-members to receive services from "company".
  • Member means the registered party members to provide personal information to "company". The "company" provides information, and the "company" provides serivce to members.
  • "Store" means the contracted party to provide personal information to a "company".
  • "Store" manages the order and responds to customer inquiries.
  • "Non-members" means unregistered party members who use the services provided by the "company".
  • In addition to these definitions, terms are used in the relevant laws and specific instructions.

Terms expression and amendment

  • "Company" needs to show address, telephone number, fax number, email address, company registration number and the communication dealer license number so that users can easily find out such information at front page.
  • "Company" may revise these terms and conditions is in the range that does not violate the laws, consumer laws, including the Basic Law on the consumer protection act.
  • If you want to amend the "Company" agreement, the "Company" Users will notice a clear clarity compared to the revised contents before and after revisions.
  • ("Company" is to amend the agreement, as amended agreement applies only to contracts entered into after their effective date and that this agreement will be transferred intact the provisions before amendments apply to contracts already concluded. However, if you have already signed a contract users by sending a "company" within the notice period of the revised terms of the meaning you want to receive the application of the amended agreement provisions in Section 4 received the consent of "Company" is amended agreement provisions apply It's possible.)
  • About the content and interpretation of these Terms not defined in this Agreement are subject to the law.


  • "Company" provide this suggested services.
  • ① Signing of contracts for goods or services
  • ② The delivery of the goods or services
  • ③ Other service that "company" povided
  • "Company" may change the contents of the goods, services or goods.
  • In this case, specify the content and the date of the changed goods or services immediately known where the posting of information on the current goods or services.
  • (If you change the contents of the " company", it must be notified immediately with possible reasons to the user. In the case of damages suffered by the user, one needs to prove the "Company" has no intention or fault.)

Service Termination

  • In the event of maintenance, replacement, failure, disruption of communications, "company" can temporarily suspend the provision of services.
  • In the case of service interruption, the "Company" will notify the user in the manner specified in Article 8.
  • "Company" will not remedy until one can verify losses suffered due to the provision of services.


  • Users can sign up for a free membership.
  • Users need to agree to these terms and conditions to apply for membership.
  • "Company" registers uers as a member that does not correspond to following issues.
  • ① Applicant who lost your membership prior by these Terms and Conditions Article 7 , paragraph 3 , just as the person who first after membership loss by 7 , paragraph 3 3 years after the "Company" membership reactivation If one is to accept the exception.
  • ② If there is a false, omission in the registration information.
  • ③ If you believe that you register as a member of the technical obstacle "Company".
  • ④ only cases where such a parent get the consent of the legal representative of a child under the age of 14.
  • Register is complete when you have the consent of "Company" to reach users who sign up application.
  • "Member" when there is a change in the registered member information, the terms "company" and must notify those changes or modifications to the "company" in accordance with the method prescribed in immediately, the "company".


  • Members can unsubscribe at any time without obtaining the consent of " Company".
  • If you operate a "store" under the " Company", you can withdraw consent under the "company".
  • If you are a member corresponding to each of the following reasons, the "Company" can limit and stop the membership.
  • ① If you have registered false information when registering application.
  • ② In the case in relation to the price, other "companies" use such purchased using the "Company" goods that do not pay the debt burden on the date that the member
  • ③ If you steal someone else's ID and password or personal information.
  • ④ If you interfere with other people's "company" used or threatened, including e-commerce in order to steal the information.
  • ⑤ If "Company" prohibits laws or these terms and conditions or if you are using an act contrary to public order and morals.
  • ⑥ to act to deliberately interfere with other services operating.
  • After the "Company" restricted membership, still, if the same conduct unless the reason is repeated two or more times or corrected within 30 days "Company" can be the loss of membership.
  • "Company" is to lose the membership cancellation must register. In this case, notify the member and given an opportunity to call a specified period at least 30 days before the deregistration members.

Notice to members

  • To notice members, "company" can notify through e-mail address or in-site message.
  • In the case of notifications to an unspecified number of members, "company" can post on blog to replace individual notification.
  • Members will be notified through in-site message about the details related to personal transaction.


  • "Company" needs to provide the following information in each purchase.
  • ① Search of goods
  • ② Input of name, address, telephone number, e-mail address
  • ③ Information regarding to shipping, terms
  • ④ Confirmation or purchase agreement to ensure order
  • ⑤ The choice of payment method


  • "Company" has purchased the following for Article 9 can not be accepted if the respective arc. However, if you enter into a contract with a minor , you should notice that the content is a minor or his legal representative fails to obtain the consent of the legal representative have the right to cancel the contract.
  • ① false information on the application, if there are omissions, came.
  • ② If the child is to purchase goods and services from the Youth Protection Act to prohibit tobacco, alcohol, etc.
  • ③ If it is determined that the obstacle in the "Company" technical acceptance of the Other Purchase Request.
  • ④ If a violation of various other laws.


  • Payment method for purchasing goods or services can be specified depending on the country of the user. However, the "company" is unable to collect any fee in addition to the price of goods.
  • ① For overseas: Payment via PayPal
  • ② In the case of Korea: payment via INICIS
  • And to the responsibility of the user associated with the information and its input by the user is in relation to the payment of the purchase price, if unfulfilled payment within a reasonable period of time after the goods or services subscribed "Company" Therefore, you can cancel the order.
  • "Company" is held to check out whether a legitimate right to use the payment method, the buyer may request the submission of its vocation and stop progression of the transaction data, if necessary.

Cancel or Refund

  • "Company" needs to take necessary measures of packaging so that users can ship such goods within 7 days of the purchase from the day about the supply timing of such goods.

Shipping fee

  • Shipping bundle is ranked among the largest shipping goods to buy.
  • Bundle cost does not apply with different "store".
  • Shipping costs are depending on "Store".


  • Delivery times are calculated after order is confirmed.
  • "Store" administrator specifically mentioned delievery time in the shipping policy.
  • If natural disasters or national holidays and other holidays occur that period, those duration is excluded from the delivery period.


  • "Company" is from the day the user is received, the payments if the purchase application the goods, etc. If you can not make delivery or provide a reason, such as out of stock notify users of the reasons without delay and receive payments such as advance good 5 - to take the necessary measures to reimbursement or refund within 7 business days.

Promotion code

  • Promotional codes are coupons issued by the "Store" for the purpose of discounts for goods and shipping.
  • The promotional code is sent via email and can use anyone who knows the code.
  • Promotional codes can not be used in conjunction with group discounts on products.
  • It applies to higher discount rate beetween two.
  • Promotional codes can be used depending on the amount of items or effective period.
  • Problems in connection with the promotion code is responsible by "store" not by "company".

Obligation for service

  • "Company" is, as prescribed by the agreement, committed to provide products or services reliably.
  • "Company" must have a security system for the user's personal information(including credit information) so that users can safely use the service.
  • "Company" will not send advertising emails who clearly rejects the intention of receiving.

Obligations for Member ID and password

  • Members are responsibie for the ID and password.
  • Members shall not allow third parties use their ID and password.
  • If a member if you have stolen your ID and password, and aware that a third party has used and directly inform the "Company", which will guide the "Company", you should follow him.
  • "Company" does not bear any responsibility for damages incurred by the member in violation of the above provisions membership.

Obligations for users

The user should not conduct the following.

  • Registration of false personal information (including the case of change)
  • To change the information posted on the "Company" arbitrarily
  • Transmission or publication of the prohibited information or the computer program
  • Infringement on intellectual property rights and other rights of third parties
  • Damages to third parties honor or act that interferes with work
  • Publishing information contrary to public order and morals on screen

Providing information and Advertising

  • The "company" can provide a variety of information as it operates a service to its members in such a way to show service screen or e-mail and letter mail.
  • "Company" can post advertising in connection with service at main services screen, SMS, e-mail and so on.
  • It is a member of a communications or transactions, such as by using ads that are appearing on the Service or participation in promotions of advertisers through the Service solely a matter between members and advertisers. If the members and the members and advertisers even if the problem be solved directly to Ad Week, in conjunction with the "Company" is not responsible for any damages.


  • "Company" is obliged to reflect fair opinions or complaints timely. However, "Company" can notify the reason to the "Members" when it is difficult to reflect timely.


  • Copyright and other intellectual property rights in the work created by the "company" is attributed to the "company".
  • The user should not use information obtained by using the services "company" profit by copying, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcasting and other means without prior consent of the goal.
  • When the "company" use copyright belongs to the user, the "company" must notify the user.
  • If the "company" infringes someone else's copyright by users posts, users shall endeavor to identify that "company" is not responsible for all damages, otherwise users are responsible for all damages caused to the "company".
  • If "company" believe that this may be the case following, "company" can delete or change without notice. For this "company" is not responsible for any damages.
  • ① spam (spam) and sex related Posts(such as chain letters, ads, and site-specific)
  • ② posts spreading false information intended to slander others, to undermine the other's honor
  • ③ personal disclosure without consent of another person, including third-party content that violates the copyright rights and other topics and other information
  • ④ If it is determined that such violation of related laws and the "Company" instructions

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  • Lawsuits related to electronic commerce disputes between users and "company" is having jurisdiction over the place of residence.
  • However, when the user does not have a clear resident address, it will be filed to the competent court on the Code of Civil Procedure.
  • E-commerce lawsuits, filed across the "Company" and the user, must apply the laws of the Republic of Korea.

These Terms of Use have been updated on Oct 13, 2016.